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Mightier Than Sword is an independent record label/artist management company based in Brooklyn, NY. Free from genre constraints, we strive to work with motivated musicians playing music that we love and believe in. Established in 2006, we are record collecting nerds and release a majority of our records on vinyl, keeping a DIY feel matched with high-quality presentation with all of our releases. ... more

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Track Name: Smartbomb - Barely Legal
sign em' up and shave their heads
and ship them off to die
ship them off to die
before their time is of the essence
when you're barely eighteen
you're too preoccupied
too young to question why
does the truth of war
take some decades to be revealed
meet your cult classic stereotype
you're that skeleton
you are that liaison tonight
i'm alright... if you're alright
i pledge no allegiance for this fact
i am proud
and it's my job to keep thinking out loud
you're the bridge we burned
before we looked across
i drove all night
just to see you again
my old friend
that's why i'm singing this song
inclement weather and my shitty car
no road too far
it's always my favorite destination
yeah i thought i found the cure
but now i'm not so sure
Track Name: Smartbomb - Who's The Terrorist Now?
well the life and the times
and the reasons behind
all the things that we do
have occurred in my mind
so pack your bags
leave your baggage behind
it's too late in the day
to want to save me
it's too late in the season
to brandish your gun
let em hang
arms towards the sky
bark and bite
through your sights
in the name of lad liberty
it was a sunday bloody sunday
and you might as well
if we die tomorrow
then i'll see you in hell
who's the terrorist now
well the strife and the crimes
and the sign of the times
of a war that's deemed wise
through american eyes
a foundation of lies
and we can't hear their cries
'cause it's out of our sights
and it is out of our minds
Track Name: Smartbomb - Lesson Learned
can't trust your government
'cause they're totalitarian
our hands
our hands covered in blood
because of our demands
i look back on wasted days
of my life defenseless senseless strife
one thing i've learned
we've got to somehow
revel in the urgency of now
lesson learned
Track Name: Smartbomb - Worcester, MA
we've got some clout in this town
so peace out
we've got friends
on practically every single street
i've seen every block
from the bottom to the top
and always landed on my feet
from highland to hollywood
beacon to birch
hacker our to salisbury
main south to maywood
canterbury to church
i always find good times
wherever i go
time after time
after time after time after time
it's not a mystery
i think it's friday night
and my vision is kinda blurry
my speech is slurry
and i'm drinking like
i'm in some kind of hurry
down at ralph's
we got the crew there
yeah we're all here
so good to see ya
i hate to leave ya
i live up every moment
wherever i go
i take a piece of my home with me
wherever i go
Track Name: Smartbomb - Crucial Times
it used to be red scare-ica
ever righteous America
we are bred for skills
and un-cheap thrills
for crippled and misguided wills
the propaganda machine
is the turpentine
that keeps our hands clean
whether it be communism
or the most modern terrorism
powers at be control our learning
to keep these rusty gears a-turning
crucial times
get back in line
crucial times
i look back at my education
historic proof or fabrication
true progress suffers mutilation
to better server the corporation
these are crucial times
Track Name: Smartbomb - Second View
it's all about today
and how you waste your days away
good morning santa cruz
no time to lose
three a.m.
i can't sleep
get up and roam the streets
i walk down to the pier
and let my problems disappear
you caught me by surprise
like a sight for sore eyes
you compromised at every by and by
it's all about tonight
a couple beers ans i'm alright
san francisco bay
what can i say
good friends and good vibes
you know i think about you
all the time
'cause today
it will be gone before you know
you took us in
and saved us from the road
dedication to those
who i can call my bro's
you gave us your support
and you gave us your floor
you gave us everything
an i could ask for nothing more
i think of the things
that i lost along the way
i think of the things
that i lost over monterey bay
i found them today
and i left a little something
behind on the way
Track Name: Smartbomb - Avoid The Lloyd
there's a lloyd in every city
there's a lloyd in every town
there's a lloyd in every country
yeah you see this guy around
there's a lloyd in every room
here's looking at you
sketchy scurvy scheister bastard
pedophile dungeon master
fuckin' greedy
fuckin' crook
you will never book my band
avoid the lloyd
the marquee is the laugh
you're charging six bucks a draft
ten bucks at the door
for ten shitty bands
you've never heard before
avoid the lloyd
Track Name: Smartbomb - Blood & Sand
you can't stop the madness
you can't break the sadness
just another faking
guilt-stricken american
if you're uneducated
if you have been migrated
you see too much
and you're mind is spoiled
blood and sand go
hand in hand go
on and on and on and on
and if you feel
you've lost your wits
in the chaos of this song
consider this
the majority is wrong
the majority
is greater than the one
pinnacle position
held by cretin sons
who train our kids
at young ages
to shoot to fucking kill
taught to ignore signs
of your fleeting free will
until the day you die
it goes on and on
like a heart attack
you work so hard
you break your back
you're working for something
that you don't believe in
Track Name: Smartbomb - My Wicked Mind
the one thing we all want
is the one thing we can't get
totally consumed
we take refuge in our meds
but we've got the choice
to choose the means
in which we send
our bitter broken hearts
to the bitter broken end
i'm telling you something wicked
this way comes
something wicked this way comes
take pride in what you've got
and no mind to what you've not
it's not the things you own
but the means in which you sought
in the end there is a prize
that beautiful demise
well it's not about the journey
it's about the struggle
keep the faith
and fight the good fight
there seems to be no amount
of driving all night
to settle these thoughts
in my wicked mind
Track Name: Smartbomb - Undercurrents
i'm glad i'm not like them
so privileged yet so removed
it must be nice not to worry
about your next meal
or working till your bones
have turned to dust
but i now something
that you don't know
it is pride
and the ultimate price
is our lives
some of use pay
it all up front
so we succumb to undertow
that flood waters are here
scratching at your basement door
ain't it funny
when all is clear
it's too late to turn and run
so you're too smart
to follow the flow
succumb to undertow