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Mightier Than Sword is an independent record label/artist management company based in Brooklyn, NY. Free from genre constraints, we strive to work with motivated musicians playing music that we love and believe in. Established in 2006, we are record collecting nerds and release a majority of our records on vinyl, keeping a DIY feel matched with high-quality presentation with all of our releases. ... more

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Track Name: Drift
Drift, die, dollars don't lie.
Born into gold, but now nothing is real.
Reality sucks but at least I can feel.
Forget what you know and forget what you love.
Just let the trends kill themselves.
Status; top of the shelf.
It took over twenty years.
Rip-off ideas won't disappear.
Reality sucks but at least I can feel.
Forget what you know only learn what is real.
Track Name: Trends
I'm not concerned that rock is dead.
Dull monotones and words that don't make any fucking sense.
I won't fuck the real world when it's dead.
New trends, new brands, dreamed by a swarm of talking heads.
There's a slow in the seas, but a growth in disease.
Heavy hands drown the nerves from much pressure beneath.
Dead things will win.
Track Name: Real
Get what you want.
Keep it alive.
Throw me a sign.
Spit out.
I'm under the bridge, where nothing seems real.
Spitting out "best wishes" to the kids that disappear.
Fucked love affairs are as natural as ever.
This family circle is getting tight, but will never deliver.
Track Name: Mountiain Man - Life
Blood builds a fence.
Your bank account is swelling and so is your head.
I'm bone dry but I can't resist.
Too proud of a fake world thats covered with spit.
Proud of a fake world that's covered in spit.
Track Name: Pure
Die over status.
Hanging it from hope.
now it's rushing like a landslide.
Oh how pure.
Now it's sweating in the cold.
It's the voices of god.
Bodies haunted from the pressure to be or burn,
scaring hopeless youth.
Watching it decline.
Light a spark in the trees and let this pressure spread.
Track Name: Antartica Is Everywhere
"The world is loaded, hope against hope.
Ghost-sick for a god at the end of a rope."
Hide your habits littered with rot.
They're wasting away and then falling apart.
There's jesus-freaks that line up the town.
Ghost-sick for a god but it won't make a sound.
The emptiness that fills up the floor, soaking up the streets of unholy blood.
"The dead are bored of lying in the dirt.
Lying on their tax-returns and turning into earth."
"Empty grows in every bed."
"Who's fucked and who's fucking? It's the old in and out again."
Track Name: God/Fuck
I can walk on water
But I'm a liar just like god
You can defend your tales of eden
Weight of life is finally gone

I don't like the hype
I sink on land
Can barely stand
The sins of natural things in life
We're made to think aren't in our hands

My mind is a like a picket sign that soon will be replaced.
Your tradition is just a vision from these wastes of this fucking race
Happiness and Hate is just another dead lie
Nine to fives with Neck ties. Broken signs, no free rides

Any brain can hide but few can stand.
Cash wars in the street take flight over land.
And the world's gonna sink because we're caught up in the bucks.
Picket signs on the street. Waiting lines that Fuck us.

Any promises can stray. Nightmares in your brain.

Just Comb your hair, then shine your shoes while soaking in the morning news.

Any brain can hide but few can stand.
No picket signs. I sink on land.
Shut off your mind.
Destroy your ties.
Hang up and fuck your nine to fives.
Track Name: Live
"And their memory is like a train.
You can see it getting smaller as it pulls away.
How do you move in a world of fog"
turned to shit?
Turned to things they would never want.
It's a world of fog.
I'm so nostalgic for the moments I have never lived.
Fast forward and it's fucking over.
I'm reminiscent of the times I have never seen.
As it pulls away into the fog, the line is fucking drawn.
Track Name: Hate
Bright lights and blurred sights.
Unrested, lost faith, holy shit this sour taste is keeping me from everything.
Your happiness and fucking success.
Unkept, no faith this awful state I can't escape is keeping me from living without this pain.
"Like the tide and waves, growing slowly in range."
The same old lines are in need of a change.
Trade in your sunlight for a career.
"To sing the blues you've got to live the tune, and carry on"
and live your life while adding to the news
Track Name: Love
Old man.
"Take a look at my life. Twenty-four and there's so much more."
This plan. Life is boring.
It's fucked.
It's not enough.
Old man.
If there's so much more, then why are you tired and broken and lonely and cold.
We hum the same old lines to a different crowd.
The hate and fear is over now.
Two seconds, two cents is all you give.
This love of life is for the living.
I'm safe and sound.
You've got to be kidding me.
"They drop by and die, because it's faster than sinking."
These hills, these views of endless blues and green are new and I take it in.
Any man can claim but few can find.
Anybody can realize this world is a lie.